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      Anhui Changqing Electronic and Machine(Group) Co.,Ltd is founded in 1999 and now located in Tianchang Economic Zone of Tianchang city.Once it mainly produced  motorcycle accessoriesand had a good cooperation with many well-known motorcycle companies both at home and abroad,such as Haojue,Jincheng,The Light Suzuki,Jialing,Fukuda and etc.Over the years,it has accumulated a profound basis of talents,technique and equipment of industrial design and machining.
      From 2009,our company began to enter the industry of steel scaffolding and scaffolding couplers production.The Company Philosophy: high starting point, high quality,large scale,multi-species.We possesses all processes of production and have different kinds of surface treatment workshops which have passed the EPA's audit.Based on these surface treatment workshops,our products can be hot-dipped,barrel plated, rack plated and baking finished.The existing production capacity has reached 600 million tons per year.We have not only effectively guaranteed the product quality, but improved the working efficiency.
       Market Development:Domestic after Abroad.The company has gained the SGS Certificate,the ELEMENT Certificate in England, and the scaffolding and accessories has obtained the National Industrial Production License.At present, the products have been exported to: Southeast Asia,Europe,America and many other countries.
       Company Vision:To make us the top 3 of Chinese companies in scaffolding industry in three years.We aim at quality superiority,service on hand and the scale to win.
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